Saturday, 24 June 2017

"Science In A Van" visit 

Waka Ahuru 

Monday 19 June

On Monday Emily and Alan visited Hōmai Primary School.

They performed experiments for us. 

They taught us 







Friday, 16 June 2017

 It is Julia's birthday today
             16 June

Happy 6th Birthday Julia!

Julia's Mum Olioli bought in a delicious birthday cake, ice-cream and cones, and grain waves!!!!
             We had a REAL party.!!! 
     Thanks Julia for having a Birthday!!!
   & thanks to your Mum for sharing all those                       goodies with us all!!! 
          A GREAT way to end the week!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Great progress in Reading!!!

Whāea Steph has been doing
 benchmark running records today.
 Such great progress.
 I'm so proud of you all.
Many students have moved more than two levels.

He Tino Pai Rawa Māhi Koutou!!!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

                                                     Vaioso o le Gagana Samoa

Samoan Language Week 
29 May-2 June

we had so much fun learning about Fa'a Samoa

                             learning about the.... 
                               precious tapa cloth 
                            head-dress of Matai's daughter 
                             coconut milk 
                      scraping the coconut fibre from the coconut

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Thanks Jenny

Thanks Jenny's Mum
 for making and delivering beautiful Vietnamese Spring Rolls
 for us all to enjoy. 
They were Delicious!!!

Friday, 19 May 2017

                            Today's learning............
                                we're deciding what ................. 
.                        should go where......
                              hey, we'll put the giraffe.......
                                  next to the tree, 
                and the goat behind the shed......
  & we discussed it as we went..     working together                                                                                           ....using position & orientation words.........
                    ...............then we shared what we had decided on
                                            under .........            on top of ................. 

                                underneath............ below...
                                       the same place................
                              .......we had fun learning today..........

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


We have had a fantastic first term with lots of learning opportunities. 

We have been working consistently on increasing our writing skills by working on our basic sight words and high frequency word knowledge. We have been working on hearing and recognising our alphabet names and sounds. We have been discussing unfamiliar vocab and new  words.

This morning we learnt to read and spelt SUSTAINABILITY which is our CC topic. 
 Now we know this word we are beginning to unpack it and to learn what it means and how we as little people and big people can contribute to our environment in a SUSTAINABLE way.

Room 9 has been doing lots of addition and subtraction learning, as well as recognising and ordering our numbers in sequence. We begin our daily numeracy session with warm up games and activities which reinforces our learning. We love to play "Guess my number" which involves ones and tens place recognition. It is wonderful to see the children who initially were too shy to" have a guess," now feel confidant enough to. 

We are very excited to be using the "Homai School pool. 
The temperature appears to be very appealing, particularly last week when the weather was a "scorcher". Today not so appealing, but still fun. We are learning the basics of water confidence along with water safety, using a life jacket.

"Science In A Van" visit  Waka Ahuru  Monday 19 June On Monday Emily and Alan visited Hōmai Primary School. ...